Imagine a place where all children and youth are welcome, regardless of race, religion or socio-economic background. Regardless of sexual orientation, physical ability or mental and emotional health. A place where each young person can have their basic needs met and find his or her own sense of identity.


We will teach with passion and joy, uniting young people from diverse backgrounds and providing them with essential community-building skills. We will empower them to become changemakers – in their own lives and in the world around them. We will cultivate a sense of wonder in children and endow them with the mystery and beauty of nature. We will reach wider communities through schools, youth and environment-based organizations, and workplace mentors.

We Will

  • Create a space where children and youth are taught resiliency to take on some of their toughest challenges and approach them in a positive, comprehensive manner
  • Create connections to nature and a sense of responsibility among youth to become strong environmental stewards
  • Build a gathering place for an entire community to celebrate diversity
  • Connect young people with ideas to inspire them, motivate them and foster a love of learning
  • Connect youth to issues facing all humanity and give them the tools and skills to think pro-actively, as well as a desire to work collectively future through developing life skills, employment skills and social entrepreneurship
  • Source the best experts to support youth facing stress, anxiety, depression, loss, fear, sexual abuse, trauma, self esteem, feelings of connectedness, addictions and spirituality

Core Themes

  • Celebrating diversity and starting new conversations to eliminate stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination
  • Respect for, and appreciation of, self and others
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Assertive communication and conflict resolution
Ultimately, Kimbercote Centre is a place to understand our impact on one another and the environment, and to develop a commitment to working toward building peaceful, inclusive communities. At-risk children and youth will reconnect with the greatest of teachers – our environment.


Our programs will connect with current Provincial class curriculum before, during and after a class visit, so they can be used by teachers as a springboard to inspired learning. Kimbercote will ring clearly in the mind’s eye of children and youth as a place where they were empowered and challenged to navigate through their own exceptional outcomes.


Kimbercote boasts stunning views of the Beaver Valley and Georgian Bay and is a short, 10-minute drive to the picturesque town of Thornbury to the north and Kimberly to the south. The Bruce Trail runs directly alongside the property and the Beaver River is a stone’s throw away. The Blue Mountain ski hill is about a 20-minute drive from Kimbercote and Georgian Bay is 10 minutes away as well.

Gift Options

There are many options to consider when choosing to become a donor for the Kimbercote Capital Campaign. We are able to assist you in your choices with our pledge sheet or gift agreement at any time.

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